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Tombstone Pictures
Here are some tombstone pictures taken in various parts of New England and Indiana. They are from the 1600's to the early 1900's. Notice that some from the earlier times are not centered on the stone. Sometimes the fonts were too big and not enough room for the name so a letter or two were brought down the next line.
Don't forget to look at the last three entries....

Salem, MA 1698

Salem MA 1689

Salem, MA 1709

Reading, MA early 1800's

Salem, MA 1769

Salem, MA 1782

Woburn, MA 1800's

Woburn, MA 1800's

Salem, MA 1804

Seabrook, NH 1826



Reading, MA 1862 Jenny 1 of 3

Reading, MA 1862 Jenny 2 of 3

Reading, MA 1862 Jenny 3 of 3